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Learn All About Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology

Learn, adopt and use Bitcoin. Whether you’re a rookie trying to understand mining or a veteran looking to develop a trading strategy, we’ve got you covered.


Bitcoin Jamii is 100% Bitcoin education platform that offers an opportunity to learn about bitcoin, blockchain technology and Bitcoin security in the process promoting digital financial literacy across Africa and in DR Congo through grassroots initiatives, meet ups, user cases, awareness, news, competitions, all aimed at educating individuals, communities, businesses, merchants on how to adopt and use bitcoin in their day to day financial transactions.

BITCOIN — the ultimate store of value

In just over a decade Bitcoin has grown from nothing to boast a market capitalisation greater than all but the the largest countries on earth. At bitcoin Jamii we help you learn about Bitcoin, guide you on how to adopt and use it as a financial tool of choice.

Learn Everything Bitcoin

We offer online Beginner courses, guides, practical tips, and market updates for first-timers, experienced investors, and everyone in between. Advance your knowledge through our interactive courses.Start from scratch or brush up on your knowledge about Bitcoin with our offline & online courses


Bitcoin represents an unprecedented opportunity for wealth transfer. Unlike government-issued currencies such as the dollar or euro, Bitcoin allows online transfers without a middleman such as a bank or payment processor. At Bitcoin Jamii we help you learn how to leverage the use of Bitcoin in your day to day digital operations.


Every Little helps in facilitation of the learning, adoption and use of Bitcoin. We encourage you to donate towards our efforts of promoting the adoption of Bitcoin in DR Congo and Africa.

We accept both Onchain and lightening network donations. Please scan QR Code or Copy Address to make your donation.