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Bitcoin Meetup Independence Day in Goma

Two Bitcoiners from Goma have led this event with passion, allowing everyone to dive into the fascinating universe of  Bitcoin. Well done to them! 
Many young people have been inspired to discover the advantages of Bitcoin for the Democratic Republic of Congo.
This day encouraged them to understand the importance of financial independence. Participants were eagerly mobilized to learn the fundamentals of financial independence and explore the opportunities offered by Bitcoin.
The history of the currency was explored, from primitive exchange systems to Bitcoin, leading to understanding why this cryptocurrency was invented and why it offers an alternative to traditional monetary systems.
They then dove into the details of Bitcoin, its history, definition, and benefits over trust currencies.
Exciting learning sessions explored: the different ways to use Bitcoin, especially for trading, investing and inflation protection.
Participants learned how to secure bitcoins and set up a wallet to keep them safe. A hands-on session allowed them to send and receive their first bitcoins, putting their newly acquired knowledge into practice.
Next, a question and answer session allowed participants to deepen their understanding of Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention and its fundamental aspects.
Finally, the activity ended with a warm family photo.
Well done to all who participated and contributed to making the event a resounding success!

Bitcoin Meet up Independence Day in Lubumbashi,

Pastor @Makopo evangelizes the invention of Satoshi Nakamoto. in his church, participants were fed the Orange pill for two consecutive days, from Monday June 3 to Tuesday July 4. What an inspiring initiative! As in #Goma, the participants of #Lubumbashi had the opportunity to undergo in-depth training on Bitcoin: from its theory to its practical use. Each participant learned how to send and receive Bitcoins, thereby completing their first transactions and storing their first SAT (Satoshi).

We would like to warmly congratulate all participants and are delighted to welcome them to the fascinating world of Bitcoin, where every step brings you closer to financial independence!