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MEDISYRINGE manufactures and supplies the East African market with high-quality, safe and affordable lifesaving medical syringes.

The products include syringes and injection needles, including hypodermic syringes, medical bulb syringes, blood collection syringes and fountain syringes.

MEDISYRINGE is initially starting with the Luer-slip-tip three-part syringe and will expand continuously by manufacturing various medical devices, including needles and catheters.

We pledge to keep expanding our product range to ensure that sub-Saharan Africa becomes self-reliant in manufacturing its own high-quality medical devices.


Public health facilities in Uganda typically face shortages in quality-assured medicines, medical devices and consumables, especially disposable syringes. This is purely due to the absence of local alternatives and heavy reliance on imported products which face supply-chain disruptions. MEDI SYRINGE locally manufactures the formerly imported quality consumables providing affordable pricing and increased access to medical supplies.